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April 30, 2010

So, still procrastinating….

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I have a few ideas, and now that I am recovering fom hip surgery, I may have more time.

Scrivener still rocks, I just gotta use it more.


January 8, 2009

Aaaand we’re back

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The theatre has been down for renovations, but I’m back and trying to get the writing going again. I have a WIP started in YA sci-fi and I have at least two other ideas for adult mystery\sci-fi ready to start.

Thank Gawd for Scrivener.

October 14, 2006

Show, don’t tell

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Godzilla was angy and frustrated.


The great lizard shoved the table from his waist and and started to rise. The blond on the right fumbled forward to grab her Apple Martini, but ended up wearing most of it across her green Dior. The red-head on the right fared better with her drink, but was bowled over by Godzilla when the table, securely bolted to the floor, did not move very far.


“Jeshush!” he screamed lurching forward in a semi fall over the red-head now laying on the floor. “Your freegin leeshes…”

He reached out and placed a scaley hand on the table and regained his balance. The top two buttons on his Versace shirt had popped open and his Ray Bans sat crooked across his nose. He threw his free hand up, trying to block his face.

“Bernie, where are the freegin bouncers?” Godzilla shrieked, looking back into the gathering crowd behind him.

A small black haired man in an ill fitting blue suit, appeared and clawed at his arm. “Zilla, man, they’re comin’ now cool down.”

Godzilla turned his attention to Bernie Yamamoto, his Tokyo agent.

“Screw these bastards, get ’em away from me. Not after what they did to Mothra… no freegin way I’m letting them…”


Godzilla turned with a small puff of smoke shot from his nostrils, Ray Bans still askew. He stutter-stepped forward again and inhaled, swelling his chest. He bared his teeth, almost smiling, certainly sneering and exhaled.



The New York Post guy went up in flames before he could scream. The crowd screamed for him.

I got the shot.

October 11, 2006

Picture Prompt

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From Absolute Write exercise thread:


Artwork by Jacek Yerka

October 8, 2006


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I am beginning a journey and this, as every journey starts, is the first step. It is said that the only way to become a writer is to write, every day, about everything. Long posts, short posts, posts of all types and genre.

From this step I will take another, then another until I am writing everyday, with passion and imagination. A step could be an essay, a picture prompt, an exercise, a rant or perhaps part of something bigger.

Feel free to walk along with me, and talk and let me know what you think.

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